Keeping the Focus on YOU!

I want to tell the story of YOUR day.


With a Swedish wife, two smart, amazing daughters I love so much (especially when they are sleeping) and job that makes a difference in people's lives, I feel like I have been very fortunate.  Colorado is wonderful, a great place to bring up my family, check out the mountains, drink a little beer, play some disk golf, drink a little more beer. 

I have immersed myself in my community by being a committed member of the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce (the only 5 star chamber in Colorado) and Realities for Children, and on the board for Teaching Tree.  Colorado has been an adventure from it's gorgeous mountains, that make me tired when my wife forces me to hike to it's wonderful people that keep it relevant.  This is a community worth working for.

I started shooting way back in 1999 and it has been a big party just like Prince promised!  Traveling around the world for nine months in 2003, photographing people and cultures from Cambodia and Vietnam to Turkey and Sweden honed my photo journalistic skills.  Capturing images (on film) of people at the right moment while not interrupting the moment became a reflex and a skill that serves me well in photography.  You can check out a few images HERE.  This happened to be the same trip I met my now, wife who was also backpacking in southeast Asia.  Every few years we go back to Sweden to see the in laws, this too keep my photography fresh.  It is inspiring and refreshing to now see a different country through my children's eyes, did I mention I feel blessed?  If you would like, check out some images from Sweden HERE

O.K. Why Photography as a Business?

I get the chance to combine everything!  I love to create images that capture a single storytelling moment.  Working with new people on every job is amazing!  It is amazing because I like to have fun on every shoot.  Be it wedding day or family photo shoot I am the Buddha.  Professional, prepared, ready to have a good time (seriously, I have a ton of questionably funny jokes).  All of this combines for the perfect storm of great images and a lot of fun creating them.  So another gallery of the fun couples I have worked with HERE.

Oh and money, that is also why I do what I do. I am not the cheapest photographer around.  I am the best value around because I take all of the worry out of your big day by planning your photo shoot timeline, giving advice on what to expect and doing what I say I am going to do.

But enough about me.  Tell me about YOU and Your plans! Contact US


These two keep me going and keep me tired.