Keeping the Focus on YOU!

This is the place to check out what we do at weddings.  I look at these images and remember every good time, every cool couple and smile to know these image will be passed down for generations.

Wedding Pricing

Craig’s wedding packages begin at $2450 which includes the following services


  • FULL PHOTO WEDDING DAY PLANNER: I will help to design the photography shoot around your day. Offering advice and ideas on locations, times, and art direction, we will ultimately analyzes the entire planning process to ensure a seamless, enjoyable experience for all.


  • THUMB DRIVE: Following the wedding or event, you will receive high-quality digital negative pictures via personalized thumb drive 500-600 images, which are your images to keep. From here, you can relive the fun moments of your day and choose your favorite event pictures.


  • POST WEDDING DAY GUIDE: I will provide honest feedback and advice to you regarding best selections. We will help you choose the right presentation, from album design, type of wall are and sizes.


  • PERSONAL WEBSITE TO SHARE WITH LOVED ONES: Once editing and color optimization/balancing is complete, I will upload your photos to share them online with your friends and family. They can then order their own favorite prints from your wedding portfolio.

For a quote that fits your day just call or email.  Talking with couples about to get married is one of my favorate things to do!