4 Reasons you Need Family Photography Now!

1.  Babies turn into Adults.

"When you have children you will never have longer days or shorter years"  is the truest quote I have ever heard once I had my own children.  Spend a whole day with a grumpy 4 year old and time stands still.  Then look at a photo of that child when they turned 1 year old and wonder how it all went by so fast. 

2. Family Portraits are for your Children.

Yes, it is great to enjoy images of your children growing up but when your children get get older they will want to see YOU when you were younger.  

Goldfish are just like a family member.

Goldfish are just like a family member.

3. Great Family Wall Art, Helps Keep Your Sanity.

On the days when nothing seems to be going right, you have taken 2 steps forward and 4 steps back.  Collapsing on the couch and seeing your family on the wall will let you know what you are working for is all worth while.

4. Grandparents will love you!

Hey you just knocked out your Christmas shopping for YOUR parents, who are hard to buy for anyway.  Grandparents will love an album of the session or wall art of their grandchildren and now you are DONE early!


Of course Photography is my business so I have an interest in promoting family photography.  That being said I have have seen so much joy and satisfaction with family photography sessions I encourage you to book a session soon, be it with Craig Vollmer Photography or someone else. 

Great family photography is an investment that gives back and lasts longer than any other investment!