Vendor Highlight "Armstong Hotel"

I recently had a chance to sit down with Kelley Black at the Armstrong Hotel and talk about some of their recent changes to the hotel.

Sarah & Matt

Sarah & Matt

 Fort those of you who do not know the Armstrong Hotel is in the heart of Old Town Fort Collins and a stones throw away from Craig Vollmer Photography! 

The Armstrong has a long history (opened in 1923) has a 1920's style and is considered the coolest hotel in Fort Collins by distinguishing photographers.  Seriously this place is wonderful for it's backdrops alone, inside and out. 

IMG_9998 2.jpg


Each of their 45 rooms and suites are unique!  Yes you can find a room that fits you, your style and makes your photographer happy too. 


Gilletts Lounge is in the basement serving some of the town's best cocktails, weekly jazz and if you are staying at the hotel you can stay for that extra drink and then just walk up to your room.  I know it sound like I am gushing but and if you have picked up on that it's because I AM!  I love this place and I feel like not enough brides know it is around to board family members, have rehearsal dinner or event a small reception. 


If you need any further info just contact the Armstrong and sleep in style.