Photo Booth

Photo Favors ®   – brought to you by Craig Vollmer


photo-boothPhoto booths at weddings and events are so much fun. It’s a way to bring extra entertainment to your special day and give your guests a ‘party favor’ that’s all their own.

Imagine: coming up with a keepsake that your guests will actually KEEP! And why wouldn’t they? These are 4×6 glossy prints or 4 photo strips that tell the story of your wedding reception or party. Who’s the storyteller? Your guests!

Our photo booths in Fort Collins allow your wedding or event guests to capture their own images, use a variety of props, and print out as many photos as they want, even share photos wirelessly and with social media, and leave with a wonderful photo favor.

The set up of our photo booths in Fort Collins is professional and occupies just a little space. It’s an ‘open air’ stylish booth with a top of the line camera, printer, and lighting strobe. Just bring ‘people into the picture’ and watch the hamming opportunities add up!

People have so much fun posing, using the props and clicking the print button, that the booth becomes an attraction all on its own. It’s simple to capture great photos of the day or night’s event . . . and send your guests away with great memories and proof of the fun they had.

Photo Favors ® – Not Just Any Photo booth

We’ve invested in the best, most stylish photo booth in Fort Collins – customized for quality and put together by experienced wedding photographers for special events or weddings like yours.

The Photo Favors team will work with you to decide on the best collection of props for your particular event – from fun hats, glasses, and wigs to custom themed items and unique backdrops.

Why Have a Photo booth at Your Wedding?

  • Prints11Photo booths are fun: From the young ones to the grandparents, everyone gets a kick out of posing themselves, and seeing the results – instantly.
  • Photo booths are personal: There’s something about the Photo booth that brings out the performer in people. They’ll make faces; bring others into the scene, even photo bomb their best friend.
  • Photos as wedding or event favors: Not only do Photo booths create a unique document of your day, but they also create lasting memories for your friends and family. They’ll take home a print of some of the fun and joy they experienced on your special day. Besides catching the bouquet, what could be a better wedding takeaway than that?
  • Photo booths break the ice: With lots of goofy props and the tucked away intimacy of the booth, wedding Photo booths are a great way to get the party started… and keep it rolling along!
  • Your visual guestbook: Photo booths give you a picture-by-picture account of all the people that made your wedding special. It’s just one more record of the many things that were happening at your special happening!

It’s quick and easy.

Photo booths have become an essential component of an entertaining and memorable wedding or party. However, that doesn’t mean it’s one more thing you need to worry about.

Setting up a Photo Favor® Photo booth is quick and easy. One person can do it! And we’re there to ensure it all went up perfectly before guests start lining up to take their photos.

Think of the Photo Favor ® set up as the ‘easy button’ of the party world.Wedding Photobooth Package(s)

Full Service Package – $845

  • mustache3-hour deluxe Photo booth rental
  • Full set up & breakdown
  • Helpful attendant for the entire time
  • Large selection of fun props
  • Unlimited prints
  • Personalized photo strips
  • Guests choose from various photo styles (color, B&W, vintage, etc.)
  • All Photo images delivered to you

If you need to add on hours, of course, you can. Just let us know in advance and plan on an additional $ per hour to book the Photo Favor ® booth well into the night!


Are you a charity that’s about to put on a fundraiser? Make it a fun-raiser! We give a discount to non-profits!

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