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    What makes wedding images stand out, shot by shot?

    Well, it happens when the photographer keeps it fresh, looking for different angles and keeps discovering new stories to tell, big and small throughout your special day.

    So many things are happening on the day of your wedding. You need someone who will seek out those moments – from quiet intimate connections to the one time absolutely everyone was on the dance floor.  Even grandma.

    You want your wedding photographer to anticipate moments like this. To notice everything. To be an inventive observer and capture emotions with a different take on things. To have enough experience to plan the shots and the creativity to capture truly artistic images.

    He should want to be around people. To love them and take it as his life work to bring their feelings out and show their happiness. To be unobtrusive, fun and relaxed. And he should always want to make your guests look their photogenic best.

    You will want to leave the day’s shooting agenda to him. You have so many other things to think about and enjoy. So Craig should be there calling the shots, literally.

    Craig Vollmer is a wedding photographer in Fort Collins who is passionate about this work and his role in your perfect day. He’s fun, charming and calm. And he’s a wonderful addition to the whole experience of throwing a wedding like none other. Yours.

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    Let’s be in touch. Call or Email us today. And the inspiration you’ll gather in a first meeting will help you look forward to your wedding day – knowing that the photography will be simply stellar.

    Based out of Fort Collins, Craig Vollmer Photography provides professional photography services for weddings, engagements and more! The best way to remember a wedding, engagement or special event is through beautiful photos. Tell the story of your wedding or engagement through photography with Craig Vollmer. Contact the leading photographer in Fort Collins today and capture your loving memories. 


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